Become an Angel Agent

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How to become an Angel Agent

Why should you join our Angel Network team?


Become an Angel Agent today to:


  • Employ yourself!

  • Earn extra money!

  • Feed your family!

  • Feed your community!

How do we support you?


We support our Alaskan Snow Angel Agents, by providing


  • Low cost per person, JUST ADD WATER food range

  • Assist you to build your network of customers and Angel Agent network members

  • Provide digital Marketing Brochures/price lists with your personal AS Angel Agent details and unique sponsor number.  

  • Free delivery of start-up pack, R100 per delivery thereafter.

  • Special “Angel Agent only” special deals and promotions on a quarterly basis.

  • Orders will only be sent once your payment reflects in our bank.


What must you do to become an Angel Agent?

  • Click here to purchase and Angel Agent Hamper R550 incl Vat
  • Add it to your cart and checkout
  • You can pay using our QR Code with your online bank app.
  • Or you can pay via EFT once you receive your invoice from ASM
  • You are also welcome to visit us to collect your hamper and pay cash.


Your Angel Agent Start-Up Pack consists of samples for our entire range:


  • 4 x 250 g ASM Meal in a Bag Beef

  • 4 x 250 g ASM Meal in a Bag Chicken           

  • 4 x 250 g ASM Powdered cold drink

  • 4 x 250 g ASM Instant Porridge

  • 4 x 250 g ASM Soup          

  • 4 x 250 g ASM Jelly                           

  • 4 x 250 g Hot chocolate


What is your hamper for?


Your start-up pack is not for sale, it’s your investment in your own business.


You will use the samples to:

  • Test the food products yourself,

  • Cook it and give some to your customers and potential new agents to taste,

  • Hand out samples to show to prospective customers 

  • Encourage friends to become Angel Agent members too.

  • Throw an Angel Network party to promote your product

Your membership will be confirmed by ASM by email on receipt of your membership fee. You will be allocated a unique sponsor ASAA number.     

Your order will be despatched to your address.                                                  


What is the next step?

Join the website as an Angel Agent Member 

  • Log onto the membership area which is at the top of this page next to the green bell.

  • Complete your full membership profile

  • Include your exact address where orders should be delivered to.

  • Upload your ID doc as your profile image.

  • You will be able to shop on this page for all future orders. 

  • You will be given a special member code to access your member discount.

What are your minimum monthly orders to retain membership as an Angel Agent?

In order to keep your membership active, to access the discounts you are required to place monthly orders of at least R150.00 per month.

If your membership lapses, you will be required to rejoin by buying another Angel Hamper.


How do you earn 10% sales discounts?


As an ASAA Member you can earn 10% sales vouchers in the following ways:


Sponsoring new Angels

  1. Alaskan Snow Angel Agents grow your own customer base /Network by “sponsoring” or introducing others to become members.

  2. Once they pay the R550 membership fee and receive their ASAA code

  3. You will receive 10% discount voucher on their first purchase.

  4. This will go towards reducing the cost of your next order.

Purchasing stock to sell to your customers

  1. You will receive a 10% discounted price on all your orders placed through your membership online

  2. You will pay us for your stock

  3. You sell directly to your customers.

  4. You will receive direct payment from these customers.

  5. A simple example:

    • You place an order for 1 x Meal in the Bag for R60 (Excl. Vat).

    • You get 10% membership discount so you pay us R54.00.

    • You sell the product to your customer and they pay you R60.

    • You have made a profit of R6 per bag.

  6. We will send you a recommended retail price list, but you will use your own discretion in order to make a larger profit.


Additional discounts from regular special promotions

  1.  You will receive member-only special deals on a regular basis to promote seasonal foods from our range.​