What are the 4 parts of the ECO OVEN?

  • Lined Carry bag with drawstring
  • Bottom insulating pillow.
  • Insulating collar that goes around the pot
  • Top insulating pillow

Choosing a pot to use in the ECO OVEN Cooker

The Portable thermal cooker oven bag ECO OVEN's are designed to hold a variety of sizes of pots. Choose the size of pot best suited to fit the amount of food being prepared.

  • The Six pack ECO OVEN is designed for school children and office workers as a travelling warm lunchbox for hot lunches.
  • The ECO OVEN will hold pots from 1 liter to 10 liters in size.
  • Our Extra large ECO OVEn will hold up to a 25kg pot.

Care needs to be taken when using larger pots to carefully work the pot of hot food down into the center of the ECO OVEN cooker.

Look for pots with small handles toward the top of the pot or pots which have bucket styled handles.

ECO OVEN Performance Tips

  • Carefully set pot of boiling food into center tube collar.
  • Slightly pull sides away from pot.
  • Press slowly down from the top using oven gloves.
  • Make sure pot is touching the bottom round pillow.
  • Place top round pillow to insulate.
  • Pull drawstring and pull until snug.
  • Check from the outside making sure everything is packed tightly.
  • Press down around top round pillow and tighten farther with the drawstring.
  • Be careful not to spill contents into ECO OVEN.
  • ECO OVEN pillows can be put in the laundry.
  • Dry completely before using.
  • The ECO OVEN straps offer security when transporting. Always use caution as contents are very hot.
  • Keep ECO OVEN upright when using.
  • Do not check food too early to see if it is ready, it will lose the essential heat needed to keep your food hot.

ECO OVEN Thermal Cooker