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  • How long does the soft serve ice cream liquid last in my machine?
    Once the powder is constituted in milk or water , the average time it will last in refrigerated conditions is three days. Your usual cleaning and health protocols of your ice cream machine will need to be strictly followed to limit ice cream spoilage.
  • Which soft serve ice cream machine is suitable for use with your ice cream powder mix?
    Our chemist has formulated the ice cream powder mix to be suitable with all the well known ice cream machine brands including Taylor, BEIQI, Spaceman etc.
  • Is your soft serve mix creamy and delicious?
    Our internal chemist researched all the ice creams on the market before deciding on the high quality raw materials that make up our unique formulation according to our own specification and customer promise. Our promise to customers, is that our ice cream is rich, creamy, full of flavour goodness, and non gritty.
  • How many flavours of soft serve ice cream can I buy?
    We pride ourselves in manufacturing a wide range of tasty and delicious soft serve ice cream flavours that suit every palate, age group and occassion. We obviously sell the all time ice cream favourites of: Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Then we have added some berry and fruity flavours to our soft serve ice cream powder mix range: blueberry red raspberry Our Caribbean flavours include Cocopine Pineapple Mango Our kiddies range of soft serve ice crema flavours include: bubblegum creme soda candy floss Grape Our adult flavours that go well with liqueurs are: English Toffee Salted caramel Cookies and cream
  • How do I choose a soft serve machine to buy?
    Soft serve ice cream sales continue to climb year after year in South Africa and this ice cream treat remains one of the most popular types of cold desert in the hot and humid weather in our country. For small business looking to purchase a soft serve ice cream machine to make ice cream delights to thrill customers there are a few different types of commercial ice cream makers and various features to think about before settling on one that is right for you. Our buying guide below aims to aid you in the selection process. Gelato vs soft serve Despite looking different, regular hard ice cream ingredients are also used in soft serve ice cream machines. The difference is in the churning process. A softer, lighter texture is achieved for soft serve ice cream by whipping in additional air. Types of Soft Serve Machines Whether you own a restaurant or an ice cream parlour, there are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best ice cream makers for creating soft serve treats for your customers. The first thing to think about is the type of commercial soft serve machine you want to add to your business. Floor Models vs. Countertop Machines Based on the space available and the amount of product you want to sell, you could decide between a countertop or floor-standing commercial ice cream machine. Countertop machines are the typically preferred item of restaurant equipment for companies that plan on serving a limited amount at a time, such as at events or ones that only open at weekends, or those without a lot of space. Larger, floor model machines have a higher output capacity and could better suit a dedicated ice cream business or dessert shop. Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Commercial Ice Cream Machines Air-cooled machines are more adaptable in terms of positioning because they do not require a stable water connection. However, as they rely on a vent system to remove the machine's heat and take in cool air from outside, the vents must always be unobstructed. Water-cooled commercial ice cream machines, on the other hand, circulate cold water through their internal components. As a result, when high-volume output is necessary, water-cooled options are ideal, even though they virtually always need a continuous water supply and the installation of a drain. Gravity vs Pressure-Fed Commercial Ice Cream Machine The difference between a gravity ice cream machine and a pressure-fed soft serve machine is that the former uses gravity to transport the soft serve mix into the freezing cylinder, whereas pressure-fed ones rely on a pump. In settings that require a high-volume output, pressurized devices are widely used. Gravity soft serve machines are less costly, easier to run, and need less maintenance than pressure-fed options. Other Considerations There are a few other things to keep in mind when on the lookout for the best commercial ice cream machine for making this soft and fluffy ice cream delicacy. Flavors Prior to purchasing a commercial ice cream maker, it’s always good to think about the flavor selections you’d like to add to the menu. Some machines only provide one flavor at a time, while many others offer the twin twist option which allows you to pick between two unique flavors or a mix of both at the same time. A single flavor soft serve ice cream machine can be used in a variety of ways, such as in a cup, on a cone, or on a cone and dipped in chocolate. One of the most popular ways, however, is as an accompaniment to desserts such as apple pie or as an alternative to any hard ice cream. Extra Features Another handy feature you might want to look out for is a low-mix alert; a warning letting you know when the mix level in the machine is reaching a dangerously low level (a certain amount of soft ice cream mix must be maintained in order to keep the ice cream from freezing and damaging the dasher's blades). A bright LED display is another perk you could opt for to help you navigate through the menu quicker and more efficiently, without needing specialized training on how to use the machine.
  • How does your soft serve ice cream powder mix compare to the liquid ice cream mix?
    Our soft serve ice cream powder mix is affordable, tasty and easy to store. Powder mixes are beneficial as the they are stored dry, made up fresh each day which reduces wastage and spoilage From a 2 Kg bag of powder you can make 7.5 liters of liquid mix.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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