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strawberry vodka slush
Cocktail slushy

Slushy cocktail mixes

Strawberry Daiquiris

Our strawberry slushy/slush/slushie mix is a hot favourite to make strawberry daiquiris.

Lemon & Lime daiquiris

Our lemon and lime slushy mix makes the perfect accompaniment to rum for a delicious tarty citrus daiquiri

Rum and Raspberry

Our unique red raspberry slush puppy mix is a red hot favourite when mixed with rum.

Pina colada

Our coconut and pineapple slushie mixes make you dream of a remote island when mixed with a cocktail umbrella and rum.

Blue lagoon

Our blueberry slushy mix goes hand in hand with vodka to make pure Seabreeze bliss.

Kiddies slushie

Kiddies range of slushie mixes

We have found that the kiddies most popular flavours are our fruity range of grape, blueberry and red raspberry. They love our passion fruit, creme soda and bubblegum to build a rainbow of three flavoured slushies in a cup.

Iced coffee slush for machines
Milky slush range

Milky slush range

Our milky slush powder range of coffee and chocolate slush powders are a firm favourite at school tuckshops and conferences

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