We happily deliver meals with dignity to South Africa. Meet our passionate duo.


A hearty welcome from Darrell and Jenny, a husband and wife team of entrepreneurs that love our brand and our customers.

We continuously scan the market place for new product ideas to ensure that we service the growing needs of our clients.

As a BSc Chemist Darrell is our Technical Director responsible for the development of all of our in-house formulations.

Jenny is our Sales and Marketing Director responsible for business growth and development.

The proudest moment in our Alaskan Snow journey was to move to our own factory in Benoni thanks to the faith and trust of  Business Partners, an SMME investment financier that works with us to unlock the potential of our business.


Winter is on its way.....

try our delicious, "hot" product range today!

just add water
hot chocolate
vanilla porridge
hot choc cookies and cream 250 g
vegetable soup
Chilli beef label
strawberry porridge
hot choc plain 250g

Plain hot chocolate powder mix

Soup Beef
pineapple jelly
mutton soup
chicken soup

Food catering services Division

Feeding Scheme Range

Alaskan Snow Manufacturing is committed to manufacturing meals with dignity to supply safe, healthy, balanced and nutritious quality powdered food products.

As a food powder supplier, we meet basic food basket needs from our base on the East Rand for distribution of our approved soya mince range and JUST ADD WATER products around South Africa.


Our customers include feeding schemes for schools via national school nutrition programmes, food parcel donations from churches, relief food boxes for Aid organisations, hampers to vulnerable old age homes, creches, after school centres, correctional service facilities, mines, school hostels and hampers for employees during this time of retrenchments and job losses.

Our JUST ADD WATER, range is quick and easy to prepare at your feeding station in the field.

Our Food basket menu hampers include:

  • Meal in a bag- Unique balanced nutritional meal blend containing carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables and fats.

  • Instant porridge

  • Powdered cold drink

  • Powdered jelly

  • Hot chocolate providing the minimum daily milk powder nutritional needs

  • Waffle and pancake mix- includes powdered eggs

Our JUST ADD WATER range meet the World Health Organisation guidelines for feeding schemes which are:

  • easily transportable; 

  • does not need refrigeration; 

  • easy to prepare; 

  • require the least amount of time possible to prepare. 

  • nutritious