Thermal Cooking Bag

Solving the The 5 E’s Cooking Problem

How to cook a hearty meal economically, saving fuel resources, water, time, labour and energy, without the aid of electricity, whilst reducing CO₂ emissions in an environmentally conscious manner?


Our solution: Non-Electric ECO OVEN Thermal Slow Cooker

"Thermal cooking" simply means "cooking with heat." ECO OVEN Thermal cookers are cooking aids that cook by retaining heat slowly without the aid of electricity. Our ECO OVEN Cooker is a "portable crockpot" thermal cooker made of a lined waterproof outer fabric drawstring bag and tree insulating pillows.

It works like a slow cooker or crockpot, cooking food slowly over time, producing steam from the boiling food to complete the cooking process.

The first step in retained heat cooking is to bring a pot of food to a boil for only 3 to 4 minutes on the open fire or stove. The pot of boiling food is then placed inside the insulated ECO OVEN. The food will continue to cook without the aid of additional fuel or heat source, reducing the amount of wood, charcoal, paraffin and other dirty-burning fuels used in the home by at least 70%. Thermal cooking in our ECO OVEN saves hours of time and labour and improves the air quality in the home by reducing CO₂ emissions, toxic fumes, which means fewer respiratory problems and other diseases, particularly in children and older members of your family.

The result, when done correctly, is food that will maintain safe-serving temperatures for eight hours or longer.