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Contact Darrell Lush in Panama Cell+507 6574 5177
Christelle Roets                            Cell+507 6637 0392


Our products now also manufactured in Panama.....try our delicious "just add water" product range today!

LOGO tropical serve

Tropical Serve Brand name in Panama


Soft serve ice cream and slush powder in Panama

VersatileVanilla TS

7 ways to use #varsatilevanilla ice cream powder

just add water

Just add water to our ice cream and slush powders


Tropical Serve soft serve ice cream machine


Valentines strawberry soft serve ice cream sale now manufactured in Panama

Meal in a Bag TS

Meal in a bag in Panama, soya, rice, flavour

Sirope de fresca

Dessert syrup strawberry now manufactured in Panama

Meal in a Bag TS
Tropical Serve Slush-Machine

Tropical serve slush machine

Valentine strawberry slush powder

Strawberry slush now manufactured in Panama

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