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Soft serve ice cream and COVID-19

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Our factory that we at Alaskan Snow Manufacturing worked with blood sweat and a few tears to buy, is closed and standing idle. Production of our soft serve ice cream and slushie range of powders has stopped. It breaks our hearts, but not our spirits as yet. Making it through this lock down period has given us time to reflect on what is important to the growth and sustainability of our business. As a husband and wife team, Darrell and I have been strategising on how best to take Alaskan Snow Manufacturing into the immediate future of a post lock down reality but also in a unknown future post 2020. 
The questions we pose are: Will people still love soft serve ice cream and slushie products when they come out of "hibernation? Will they start having parties and will events be planned for the next part of 2020? How quickly will we be able to generate sales? Will our business flourish in 2021?
Our thoughts are with our relevant stakeholders at this time.
Our country's economy is in turmoil with lives being lost every day. People are starving and friends and family all have pay cuts and possible loss of jobs in their sights.
Our own staff are indeed suffering to pay their own bills and provide for their families. 
We wonder how our amazing clients and their families are faring health wise and if they will have enough cash in their pockets to rejuvenate their own small businesses. Our thoughts drift to our clients that still owe us money for product already delivered. How will this all work out we wonder?
Developing this online Alaskan Snow Manufacturing store is our way of getting digitally current in terms of being able to supply our products far and wide with minimal face to face contact. We hope to reach out to potential new customers in Africa and beyond.
We have been hard at work doing research and development on an exciting new product we have envisaged for the "staying @ home" market.
For now, we still have 9 days to go in isolation but look forward to what the future holds for us, with a sense of trepidation but also with  enthusiasm for the future "US". 
Let's do this South Africa. Stay calm and eat soft serve ice cream.

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