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We manufacture a wide range of flavoured ice cream powders suitable for all soft ice cream machines, gelato ice cream machines and all commercially available ice cream machines for the home.


  • Has a creamy, creamy consistency
  • Extremely economical and really delicious,
  • 1  x 2Kg bag of ice-cream powder gives up to 7.5- 8 litres of delicious soft or ice cream.
  • This high-quality ice cream contains enough milk, so it is sufficient to dilute the ice cream powder with water.
  • Mixing ratio 2 kg of ice powder to 5 litres of water, milk or cream, or a  mixture of these


1. Fill a clean bucket with cold water until it reaches the 5-litre mark.

2. For a richer creamier gelato or home ice cream machine, substitute the water for a mix of

2.5 litres of milk and 2.5 litres of cream.

3. Add entire 2 Kg bag of dry soft serve mix. Stir with wire whisk until completely dissolved (about 2 minutes). let it stand for 10 minutes.

4. This makes 7.5 litres of liquid ice cream mix to pour the mixture into your soft serve or gelato machine OR cover with lid and store in the refrigerator.


Chocmint Soft serve ice cream powder

  • Alaskan Snow manufacturing soft serve ice cream powder is produced using our tried and tested in house formulation designed by our own analytical chemist at our factory in Benoni. Our Soft Serve ice cream pwoder is a dry powder mix that is reconstituted with cold water or milk and frozen in a soft serve machine. High in fat, it provides the same creamy mouth feel and delicious taste as traditional dairy soft serve.

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