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Just add water Alaskan Snow Manufacturing Cold drink powder flavours include Crème soda, blueberry, raspberry, mango, cherry. 1 Kg makes 35 litres and serves 140 (250 ml each). Formulated in a fruit drink powder, great for children and athletes, boosting energy and improving performance on the field. A nutritious, refreshing thirst quencher.

Our JUST ADD WATER range of soya blended meal in a bag food packets, cold drink powders, hot chocolate, pancake and waffle mix, jelly mixes all meet the World Health Organisatrion guideleines for feeding schemes which are:

  • easily transportable; 
  • does not need refrigeration; 
  • easy to prepare; 
  • require the least amount of time possible to prepare. 
  • Nutritious


Cold drink powder- Pineapple

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