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Alaskan Snow manufacturing soft serve ice cream powder is produced using our tried and tested in house formulation at our factory in Benoni Our Soft Serve is a dry mix that is reconstituted with cold water and frozen down in a soft serve or gelato machine. High in fat, it provides the same creamy mouth feel and delicious taste as traditional dairy soft serve.

Creme soda Soft Serve ice cream mix

  • STORAGE INFORMATION:Prior to reconstitution, this product will be stable for up to 18 months when stored unopened in a cool dry place. INGREDIENTS: Sugar, milk powder, whey, Xanthan Gum, flavourants, stabilisers, palm oil

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Fill a clean 10 liter bucket with cold water until it reaches the 5 litre mark. Add entire bag of Alaskan Snow dry powder soft serve mix. Stir with wire whisk until completely dissolved (about 2 minutes). Pour the mixture into your soft serve machine OR cover with lid and store in refrigerator. This product requires a commercial soft serve machine.

    YIELD / PORTION: Number of 2/3 cup (117g) prepared servings per bag: About 65 servings per  2 kg bag: About 520 for a box of 8 x 2 Kg. Note: The prepared product is based on about 100% overrun. Depending on the amount of overrun your soft serve machine is set up for, and will affect the number of servings.

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