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1 Kg of Alaskan Snow SLUSH Powder which is mixed with 9 litres of water. This is the most economical slush base and convenient because of 2-year shelf life. Yield: Each bag (1.0 kg) is mixed into 9 litres of water, giving a yield per bag of 10 litres. Cheaper shipping costs as it is a powder base. Storage / Shelf Life: Storage is below 30ºC with a shelf life of 24 months. After mixing, it is stored below 5ºCelsius (41ºF.) and used within 3 days.

Bubblegum Slushie mix

  • We produce a wide range of Alaskan Snow fruity slushie dry powder mixes at our factory in Benoni. There is a science to making slushie powders and our Alaskan Snow in-house chemist has created formulations to suit all tastes and machines regardless of machine settings. Too much water and the liquid freezes in your machine possibly breaking the paddle and your slushie machine.

    Our 20 + flavours of slushie mixes and flavours will make any party memorable. Our dry powder slushie mixes have a 12-month shelf life. 

    We suggest for children's birthday parties you choose our bubblegum and creme soda flavours.

    Remember alcohol lowers the freezing temperature of the entire mix, it basically acts as anti-freeze so you definitely want to add that at the end when your mix is properly frozen already. For your adult cocktail evenings, we suggest our Alaskan Snow cocktail slush mixes:

    1. Red raspberry slushie mix with rum is a real hit.
    2. Pineapple and coconut slushie mixes make a fantastic Pina colada. Just add 2 cans of coconut milk and a bottle of white Bacardi rum.
    3. Lemon and lime slushie for a margarita, just add some tequila.
    4. Strawberry slushy mix for an elegant strawberry daiquiri, add one litre of real strawberry juice at the end and also a bottle of white Bacardi rum. 

    One important note if you want to make cocktails with our slushie mix is to add the alcohol after 40min of freezing or after the slush is made.

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